Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between Psychic and Medium Readings?

Yes. Psychic  readings are about the information a reader receives about you and your life. A medium reading is about the energy and information received for someone that has crossed over.

Can my future be predicted?

No. A psychic can offer you guidance and information received, but cannot predict the future. The future is unknown because we all have free will and make decisions and choices that will affect the future.

Do the Spirits of loved ones watch us in our most intimate moments?

Maybe. If they do, they do not care what you are doing. Once our Energy/Soul/Spirit leaves the physical body that energy does not need to function the same way we do. And the Other Side has no use for what we do in our most intimate moments. Trust me our loved ones are not oohing, aahing or judging us while we are in the bathroom or bedroom. Seriously. Even the most critical mom is not judging you once she is on the other side.

Where do the messages and information come from?

My belief is that the Energy of our Soul, which has all the knowledge learned here in the physical realm, releases into the universe once we cross over. Some people call the repository Heaven, some Akashic Records. I don't really have a label for it. I just know it is there and that I have access to it. ( You do too, but that is another page I will have to post) 

Do Spirits communicate with me?

Yes, Absolutely! You just have to be aware of how they communicate. Have you ever been driving listening to the radio or the music on your phone when a song comes on and a person who has crossed over pops into your head? Thats communication from the other side. Or how about you get a feeling that someone is watching you but no one is there? That is communication. What about a child in your life  having a conversation with an "invisible" friend.You ask that child who she is talking to and she says Grandma. Oh wow! that is communication.( Kids are really open to communication from the other side.)

It's ok to ask questions.

If you have a serious question about anything  metaphysical send me a message. I will do my best to answer you. If I do not have an answer I know people who most likely will. My Living Spirit Community consists of other psychic/mediums, Tarot readers, Reiki healers, an Animal communicator, Paranormal Investigators, and people involved in other aspects of the metaphysical world. They are all knowledgeable people and love to share their knowledge. Please be respectful and only ask serious questions. 

Send me a question

It's Ok to ask a question. Don't be Shy. Ask.

Ellen Gans

Rochester, NY and Jupiter, Florida