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Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, NY and Jupiter, Florida

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please read appointment availability has changed

Rochester and surrounding areas


In person reading appointments are not available from Dec. 19, 2019 - April 19, 2020 in Rochester. Telephone and FaceTime  readings are available. Please call me 585-729-8183 or 

email me at ReadingsByEsg@gmail.com

Jupiter Fl. And surrounding areas


Every Monday beginning Jan. 6, 2020  and the 1st and 2nd Friday of the each month, in person readings are available at Dream Angels Spiritual Shop In Tequesta Fl. Contact me to reserve your appointment 


email: ReadingsByEsg@gmail.com

1777 Penfield Rd, Penfield NY 14526


I have a new office! Same building and address. Just a more comfy cozy space. 

New Service



Family Gathering allows for family and friends in a group setting to connect to loved Souls on the other side. This powerful session of connected communication can offer answers to lingering questions, provide comfort and love. Laughter and goosebumps are also possible. 

This is a group style Mediumship Reading experience for 2-8 family members and friends at the same time. For details click the FIND OUT MORE button below.

please read. Appointment availability has changed

Rochester and surrounding areas


Dec. 18, 2019 - April  19, 2020 in person readings are not available In Rochester. Telephone and FaceTime readings are available. Please contact me 585-729-8183 or email me ReadingsByEsg@gmail.com

Jupiter Fl. and surrounding areas


Every Monday beginning Jan. 6, 2020 in person Readings are available at Dream Angels Spiritual Shop In Tequesta Fl. Contact me to reserve your appointment.


email: ReadingsByEsg@gmail.com

About Me


My Story

When I was a child I told my mother her brother was mapping stars in heaven. I could see him at his desk with all his art supplies around him and his pipe in his mouth. I knew he was telling me about his job in heaven. He crossed over in 1965, I was 6 years old. This clairvoyant vision let me know that our Loved  Ones are around us and can communicate with us. It is the foundation for my work with the Universe and Spirit, conveying messages and information to you.


Words from The Universe and Spirit

The Energies of our Soul live in the Stars and We are all Connected by our Energy are words given to me by the Universe and Spirit. I believe them. My experience with Spirit and the Universe has allowed me to connect with the Energies of Souls and convey memorable and heartwarming messages to those that need to hear them.


The Art of The Conversation

Connecting to the Energies of the Soul is what I do. Bringing messages and information to you using words that offer comfort, healing and  help answer questions. The metaphysical community has its own terminology which can be confusing and intimating to the everyday person. With that knowledge  my approach is not to razzle dazzle you. Instead I use everyday words that will connect to you.

I love what I do!

Contact Me

Kindly send me an email using the form below for details regarding the FAMILY GATHERINGS service, in person readings or telephone readings. I also welcome questions regarding payment, events, public appearances, and HOME PARTIES .

New York State requires me to inform you the information/messages provided are  for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a Financial, Health Care, Mental Health Care Professional for questions or concerns. I do not provide, imply or guarantee any professional Financial, Heath Care or Mental Health Care information or messages.

Ellen Gans

Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and surrounding areas. Jupiter, Florida

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