Understanding Your Experiences



Everyone is Psychic and a Medium. We just need to understand how to be aware of what we are experiencing. 

Learn to recognize your everyday Psychic and Medium experiences. Discover what to do with them and how to share what you know, hear, see, smell and even taste. Scroll down the page, once you reach the picture icons click on  one to be taken to another page. The information on the other pages may be eye opening and offer you understanding of your experiences.

Believe Yourself

We all have Psychic and Medium experiences. Some of us sense a moment in time that is unusual but ignore it. Many of us are taught to disregard moments of unexpected

 thought, smell, sight, taste, or something we know we heard. However we still experience these unbelievable moments. Recognizing those occasions can be challenging because we are conditioned to not believe ourselves.

For some people it is extremely difficult to understand that our Energies exist after our human life ends. I truly know and believe The Energies of our Soul live on. We can connect and communicate with that energy, spirit, soul. Learning to be aware and convey the messages and information the Energies are giving us takes practice and understanding. 

The Clairs

It is said Psychics and Mediums have a sixth sense. This is somewhat inaccurate. We use a variety of senses called The Clairs. Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairsalience and Clairgustance. That is a lot of Clairs! 

Not all Psychics and Mediums use ALL the Clairs. We develop our senses with practice and awareness. As we are human beings our development and awareness depends on our own personal focus, trust, life events, and the speed we choose for our personal metaphysical development. 

Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings are about you and those around you, past and present. There are many ways to divine Psychic information. Tarot, Pendulums, Runes, Astrology, Numerology, and Tea Leaves to name just a few. These tools can be used to focus the purpose of a Reading and act as a visual aid for the client.  

Not all Psychics use tools of divination to receive  information and messages. Some of us use the divination tools at the request of the client. There are Psychics that have a unique skill and only use a specific tool. A Psychic who discerns information from tea leaves obviously needs to use tea leaves. This Psychic has chosen a specialized focus in the metaphysical community and will need the use of the divination tool always. That is not to say the specialized Psychic cannot receive information without the tool, it is just a choice to use a divination tool that particular Psychic has made. 

Evidential Medium Readings

Messages, information, and insight are given during a reading. Questions are often answered. An Evidential Medium will be able to convey more then just a generalization of grandma, your girlfriend or a sibling. Evidential readings will provide information about the energy/soul/spirit so that the client will understand and know the Energy is actually grandma. Evidential messages and information can then be given to provide comfort, guidance and offer insight. 

The Metaphysical World

The Metaphysical world involves more than what is covered on this page. It is my intention to provide as much information and guidance to assist you in understanding what to expect in a reading and/or help you along a path of finding your personal form of communicating with "The Energies of our Soul that live in the Stars". After all "We are all Connected by our Energy".


The Clairs

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