Psychic Tools and More

Many Psychics use tools as a visual aid for the sitter or to assist the Psychic with focusing. Information is provided and conveyed from the Reader (Psychic) to the sitter (client). The sitter can see the tool(s) being used and may be able to better understand the messages and information. All tools used during a Psychic reading are intended to assist with divination. Divination is defined as the desire to seek information that is unknown. 

Some Psychics, this is the category I fall into, do not need to use tools. (Although, if the client asks for Tarot or another tool to be used I will accommodate that request). The unknown information is provided by the universe and conveyed to the sitter during the reading conversation. 

A caution about the FUTURE. Psychics and Mediums canNOT tell the future. The Future changes with each decision, choice made. This is called Free Will. We all have Free Will. 

This is a list of the Psychic tools which can be used during one of our Reading appointments.

  • Tarot/Oracle/Affirmation - (The word Tarot will refer to the three types of cards) The Tarot cards are used as a guide to assist a person with an answer to a question(s), to help discover behavior that could be preventing movement on a life path that is desired, offer inspiring support, and provide information for self determination. Tarot canNOT tell the future. A Psychic canNOT tell the future.
  • Psychometry - divining the energy connected to a particular object
  • Akashic Records (sort of) - According to Edward Cayce, "the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. I do believe we can connect with every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent. He believed a central store house exists.  Edward Cayce has labeled that central store house  the Akashic Records. The storage place for me is the Universe or the Stars, ( I use the universe and the stars interchangeably).  Are the stars the Akashic Records? Maybe.  For me I will just call the storage place the Universe or the stars. Whichever label you place upon the accessibility of the energy that gives YOU the information and messages is OK. Akashic Records, Universe, the great Hall of Knowledge, the label does not matter. Being able to access the information is what is needed. 

               Using this method of focus is a straight forward no visual aid necessary, practice of divination to provide the information. It is simply the connection of energy, interpretation and using the Art of the Conversation to convey the messages and information to the sitter.

Gary Wimmer has compiled an extensive list of Psychic Arts with brief explanations.

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I am a founding member of the group The Soul Tribe. We are a group of 5 women brought together by the Universe and Connected by our Energy. The specialties/focus of our members include Paranormal Investigation, Reiki,  Health Intuitive, Animal Communication, Psychics, Mediums. For information or questions about any of these Specialties email me


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The Clairs Defined

The Clairs


Clear Knowing can be a flash of thought you know to be true. A realization of information that cannot be known. It is an absolute certainty YOU know without having a memory, without having been a witness to, or having factual knowledge of the experience or event. Having an experience of clear knowing, claircognizance, often is a realization of information. Information suddenly springs into YOUR head. 

Claircognizance can be abrupt or a strong nagging thought. YOU just know.  Most people ignore or dismiss these experiences as something they must have learned, heard about or witnessed.  When Claircognizance happens you only need to accept it is real, trust when you know it is happening to you and focus on the message or information be given. Pause for a moment, let the knowing be in your head, heart, your soul. Recognizing and accepting claircognizance takes practice and development.


When you have a claircogniznace moment/experience record it in your journal. Write the circumstances in your journal as well. Circumstances are the day, time, place, what activity YOU were doing etc. Be as detailed as you can. Then over time you can look back to determine if a pattern exists. YOU will also be able to determine if recognizing claircognizance moments have increased and if the information you are accepting is more detailed. I guarantee YOU will be amazed.


Clear seeing. Seeing with your minds eye a color, symbol, word, spirit, person, food, a home etc. It is also possible to physically see with your own two eyes. Trusting that YOU are actually seeing something is the key. What you are seeing, whether it is with your minds eye or your own eyes, and being able to describe the image accurately comes with practice. ( color yellow, is it just the color or is it a lemon?) Trusting that what you are seeing is important and conveying the image accurately comes with practice. An example I give is this scenario. During a development practice I saw a parrot on top of a red pineapple. (I know pineapples are not supposed to be red. More of this story later) I trusted that the image I saw was accurate, described it to the person I was Reading. To my astonishment the image was accurate. The woman's grandmother had a statue that was as described. The parrot pineapple image was seen with my mind's eye. However at the beginning of many Medium readings I can see the Energy of Souls with my physical eyes. 


In your journal write down whatever you see unexpectedly. Be as detailed as possible. Was it a number? Which number, was it floating, suspended, written on paper in pen or pencil, etc. In the beginning of development many people see images out of the corner of their eye. Is it your mind's eye or your physical eyes? Try to make that determination. For me I can tell the difference based upon the depth perception of the image and the position of the image to the location of my two eyes. In other words if the image is at my forehead, which is the location of our mind's eye, and close to me then I know I am not seeing with my physical eyes. The clairvoyance experience is with my mind's eye.


Clear Hearing. The ability to hear sounds, voices and words. The Energies of our Soul can and do communicate with sound, we can hear their voices and words. In order to hear the sounds and words we must accept the reality of Clairaudience. As with the other Clairs practice and development is necessary. Some Mediums can hear more clearly than other Mediums. The same with Psychics. Clairaudience can be heard with the mind's eye or with your physical ears. When heard with your mind's eye, the sound or words may feel like they are in your head. You may also experience someone talking to you, hearing the words with your own two ears, when no one is psychically in your presence. This is Clairaudience. The sounds or words can be loud, a whisper and even sound like your mom or dad. Have you ever had a conversation in your head with someone? That is clairaudience using your mind's eye. Have you heard a warning or a word but when you looked to see who said it no one is there? That is Clairaudience. 


In your journal record what you hear. Determine if it is with your mind's eye or your physical ears. Did you hear a complete word or perhaps a letter? A whistle, a door closing, the clatter of a tea cup onto a saucer? Was the voice familiar, high pitched, do you Know who was communicating with you?  Without analyzing or thinking about the words or sounds record the event in your journal. Details matter so record what you were doing, where you were, what were you  thinking, date and if possible the time. No hesitation. No analyzing. Trust what you heard. After a month of journaling you can look back and be able to read what you heard and the date and time. Maybe the Energy of a Soul was communicating with you around an anniversary of a life event or was just reminding you the Energy is with you always, or answering a question you put out in the Universe. There are so many possibilities. 


Clear Feeling. Clairsentience can be overwhelming. The feeling or sensation can be through your mind's eye or physical.  It is possible for the Energies of a Soul to give YOU the feeling or sensation of not being able to breathe, sticking a needle in an arm, the  peace of crossing over, the emotions the Energy had towards an individual are just a few. Through development and practice Clairsentience can be controlled so YOU as the recipient of the feelings and sensations will be able to feel without your own emotions overwhelming the experience.  


Once again your journal or your chosen form of recording and documenting of your experiences and events is important. Be as detailed as possible. Who were you thinking about? What was the sensation? Did you feel a lump in your throat, pain in your abdomen, feel peace or love towards someone? Anger? Record where you were, when  the experience occurred. Were YOU with a friend, family member or a co-worker? 


Clear Smell. Messages or information can come in the form of a smell or smells. Once again your mind's eye or your own nose can receive the messages and information from the Energies of our Soul. The pot roast your mom use to make, the smell of gasoline, a perfume, or particular tea are some examples of messages and information. Clairsalience, clear smell, usually does not occur when driving past a Bar B Q restaurant, that smell may cause memories to come flooding into your mind. Clear smell is authentic when a smell is detected but the source is nowhere near or around YOU. 


Detail the Clairsalience occurrence in your journal. Be detailed with your description. Was the scent familiar? Did it sting your nose, remind you of a specific person, place or event? What were you doing, were you thinking of anybody? Was the smell pungent, fruity? Record your notes without thinking, analyzing, or dismissing the experience. 


Clear Taste. The ability to taste a message or information provided by the Energies of our Soul that live in the Stars.  If you tasted spearmint and are chewing gum chances are it's the gum flavor. However if the flavor of the gum tastes like a pork chop or a lime you have experienced Clairgustance. Clear tasting is the unexpected taste of anything, not connected to food or drink you may be enjoying. Clairgustance can, like all the other Clairs occur at anytime.  Recognizing the event requires for most people practice and development. 


By now after reading about all the Clairs you should know what to do. Your journal. Details, be specific. 

Please read the section below MORE EXPLAINING. I promise you it is interesting stuff to read about. Go ahead you came this far!!! Just scroll.


As the journey of practicing and developing Your Psychic and Medium skills begins or continues YOU will discover that one Clair may be easier to understand and recognize over the others. Or YOU could have several Clairs blossom at one time. There are no set rules. 

Overlapping of Clairs happens all the time. The occurrence of Clair overlap is at times not even perceptible. Other times you could experience several  Clairs almost at the same time. Ex. You see the color yellow, smell a citrus lemon scent, and know the message pertains to a Lemon. (Later we can explore what more is connected to the lemon, how to get the "more", and convey it to the person that needs the message or information.) Or one Clair could be dominate for a longer moment and then the others come in. Again no set rules. The development of the Clairs depends on YOU. The amount of time you can devote to Focus, Practice, Development and Acceptance will be the determining factor. 

The Clairs have been defined according to my experience, development and understanding. Other explanations and definitions are on the internet. Please look up any of the Clairs defined or anything on my website that does not make sense to you. Research until  a definition or explaination is a connection. At times that is what I need to do. If something discussed in a development class or Message Circle causes me to squint my eyebrows together and purse frown my lips I know further research is required. I will  read books, websites or email other members of my community to find the details that make sense to me. That is how YOU can develop your own Psychic and Medium personality. Research what doesn't resonate with you and accept that which does. 

Each of us are unique individuals and our experiences in the metaphysical community will be as unique.  In another section of my website YOU can read a list of additional  specialized topics. Links to websites will be available for some of those topics.


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

What is an Evidential Medium


What is an Evidential Medium?

What is an Evidential Medium? Who is an Evidential Medium? What does Evidential mean? 

Good Questions. First the definition of evidence should be given. Here is the definition per 

"something that furnishes proof".

In the Metaphysical community an Evidential Medium is someone who can provide proof. A caveat is needed. Proof is the process of establishing the validity of a statement. (Merriam Webster again)

An Evidential Medium is someone who can provide information or a message that furnishes proof of a connection to the Energy of a Soul. 

During a Reading an Evidential Medium will most likely provide some generalities about the Soul. Examples are a female energy, feels older like a grandmother, and perhaps a few more non specifics. Once the sitter acknowledges or validates the awareness of who the Energy of the Soul is, more in depth information and a specific message should be given by the Evidential Medium.

The Evidential Medium will provide details about the life of the Energy of the Soul. Specifics can include details about a home or place where the Soul lived. Details about how the Soul passed, always given with comfort. Family connections. Or even an heirloom YOU may possess. The Evidential Medium can interpret information given and convey it via The Art of the Conversation so that YOU the sitter will have no doubt about who is connecting and communicating. 

You, the sitter, should ask questions and for clarification if something does not make sense. The Evidential Medium is interpreting the information so if something is nonsensical ask the Medium to get and give more information. Do not feel as though YOU need to give details and specifics to have the Reading make sense. 

Have I peeked your interest for a Reading? Questions? Email me.



Intuition What is it? Do I have it?

Intuition is the ability to know something without thinking about it, without having a factual basis to know something. Every one of us has Intuition. 

Think about experiences in your life that without having factual knowledge you followed your inner voice, gut instinct, your guardian angel and the results of you following your inner voice was an unexpected boon of positivity or a prevention of potential disaster. That is Intuition.

So what do you do with your Intuition? Use it. Daily. Listen to your inner voice, your gut instincts, pay attention to the physical cues your body provides. Focus on all these events.

Intuition is another reason to have a journal ( the journal is referenced in the "What's it all About" "Documentation"  section ) Write in your journal all Deja Vu events. Deja Vu is a current event or experience that feels familiar. Record gut instincts. Or when your inner voice cues you to do or not to do something. Your body will use intuition as well. Record the awkward feeling someone or someplace gave you. Or when you know you have met a person before but neither of  you know when or where. This is all Intuition.

Intuition and the Clairs are a powerful combination. They are connected. Some Psychics believe Intuition and Claircognizance are the same. I believe they are twins. The energy of your Intuition and Clear Knowing are almost the same. There is a subtle difference.

Claircognizance is an absolute knowing that something is true. There is no doubt. Intuition is more of a warning that something could be wrong or right. Not always known for an absolute no doubt situation.

Psychic Vocabulary and Definitions


  1. Intuition - the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.Psychic
  2. Medium - a person trained and practiced to understand and provide communication between the living and those who are in Spirit.
  3. Psychic - a person trained and practiced to discern energy information
  4. Focus - an act of concentrating interest 
  5. Practice - the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method
  6. Development - a specified state of growth or advancement
  7. Intention - making a decision and then taking action
  8. Akashic Records -concept for an astral memory of all events, thoughts, and emotions
  9. Meditation - the act of focusing one's mind for a period of time
  10. Mind's eye or Third Eye - the “eye of insight” located in the forehead
  11. Divination - the practice of seeking knowledge of the unknown 
  12. Sitter - a person who requests a reading
  13. Reading - an interpretation of the Energies of the Soul and Universe
  14. Soul - the (spiritual) energy of a human being or animal
  15. Energy/Energies - Spirit, Soul, memory of all events, thoughts, and emotions
  16. Trust - the firm ability to believe 

  • The vocabulary on this page are words that I use on a regular basis during Readings or when explaining what it is I do. The definitions are my personal understanding of those words. 
  • There exists many, many other words connected to the metaphysical. I may use them occasionally but not often enough to include them here. If you are curious about other words please use "Google", a dictionary or another form of learning to discover a meaning that resonates with YOU.
  • Adding vocabulary to this page is a possiblity, so check back once in a while to find out what has been added. Or you can send me a message to request an addition.

There's much to see here. So, take your time and look around

Understanding Your Experiences



Everyone is Psychic and a Medium. We just need to understand how to be aware of what we are experiencing. 

Learn to recognize your everyday Psychic and Medium experiences. Discover what to do with them and how to share what you know, hear, see, smell and even taste. Scroll down the page, once you reach the picture icons click on  one to be taken to another page. The information on the other pages may be eye opening and offer you understanding of your experiences.

Believe Yourself

We all have Psychic and Medium experiences. Some of us sense a moment in time that is unusual but ignore it. Many of us are taught to disregard moments of unexpected

 thought, smell, sight, taste, or something we know we heard. However we still experience these unbelievable moments. Recognizing those occasions can be challenging because we are conditioned to not believe ourselves.

For some people it is extremely difficult to understand that our Energies exist after our human life ends. I truly know and believe The Energies of our Soul live on. We can connect and communicate with that energy, spirit, soul. Learning to be aware and convey the messages and information the Energies are giving us takes practice and understanding. 

The Clairs

It is said Psychics and Mediums have a sixth sense. This is somewhat inaccurate. We use a variety of senses called The Clairs. Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairsalience and Clairgustance. That is a lot of Clairs! 

Not all Psychics and Mediums use ALL the Clairs. We develop our senses with practice and awareness. As we are human beings our development and awareness depends on our own personal focus, trust, life events, and the speed we choose for our personal metaphysical development. 

Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings are about you and those around you, past and present. There are many ways to divine Psychic information. Tarot, Pendulums, Runes, Astrology, Numerology, and Tea Leaves to name just a few. These tools can be used to focus the purpose of a Reading and act as a visual aid for the client.  

Not all Psychics use tools of divination to receive  information and messages. Some of us use the divination tools at the request of the client. There are Psychics that have a unique skill and only use a specific tool. A Psychic who discerns information from tea leaves obviously needs to use tea leaves. This Psychic has chosen a specialized focus in the metaphysical community and will need the use of the divination tool always. That is not to say the specialized Psychic cannot receive information without the tool, it is just a choice to use a divination tool that particular Psychic has made. 

Evidential Medium Readings

Messages, information, and insight are given during a reading. Questions are often answered. An Evidential Medium will be able to convey more then just a generalization of grandma, your girlfriend or a sibling. Evidential readings will provide information about the energy/soul/spirit so that the client will understand and know the Energy is actually grandma. Evidential messages and information can then be given to provide comfort, guidance and offer insight. 

The Metaphysical World

The Metaphysical world involves more than what is covered on this page. It is my intention to provide as much information and guidance to assist you in understanding what to expect in a reading and/or help you along a path of finding your personal form of communicating with "The Energies of our Soul that live in the Stars". After all "We are all Connected by our Energy".