Psychic Tools and More

Many Psychics use tools as a visual aid for the sitter or to assist the Psychic with focusing. Information is provided and conveyed from the Reader (Psychic) to the sitter (client). The sitter can see the tool(s) being used and may be able to better understand the messages and information. All tools used during a Psychic reading are intended to assist with divination. Divination is defined as the desire to seek information that is unknown. 

Some Psychics, this is the category I fall into, do not need to use tools. (Although, if the client asks for Tarot or another tool to be used I will accommadte that request). The unknown information is provided by the Universe and conveyed to the sitter during the Reading conversation. 

A caution about the FUTURE. Psychics and Mediums canNOT tell the future. The Future changes with each decision, choice made. This is called Free Will. We all have Free Will. 

This is a list of the Psychic tools which can be used during one of our Reading appointments.

  • Tarot/Oracle/Affirmation - (The word Tarot will refer to the three types of cards) The Tarot cards are used as a guide to assist a person with an answer to a question(s), to help discover behavior that could be preventing movement on a life path that is desired, offer inspiring support, and provide information for self determination. Tarot canNOT tell the future. A Psychic canNOT tell the future.
  • Psychometry - divining the energy connected to a particular object
  • Akashic Records (sort of) - According to Edward Cayce, "the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. I do believe we can connect with every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent. He believed a central store house exists.  Edward Cayce has labeled that central store house  the Akashic Records. The storage place for me is the Universe or the Stars, ( I use the universe and the stars interchangeably).  Are the Stars the Akashic Records? Maybe.  For me I will just call the storage place the Universe or the Stars. Whichever label you place upon the accessibility of the energy that gives YOU the information and messages is OK. Akashic Records, Universe, the great Hall of Knowledge, the label does not matter. Being able to access the information is what is needed. 

               Using this method of focus is a straight forward no visual aid necessary, practice of divination to provide the information. It is simply the connection of energy, interpretation and using the Art of the Conversation to convey the messages and information to the sitter.

  • As of Oct 2018 I am learning the art of divination using Pessomancy and Lithomancy
  • Pessomancy - casting or throwing pebbles to divine information for the purpose of inspiration, guidance, and awareness
  • Lithomancy - casting or throwing of stones or crystals to divine information for the purpose of inspiration, guidance, and awareness

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I am a member of the group The Soul Tribe. We are a group of 7 people brought together by the Universe and Connected by our Energy. The specialties/focus of our members include Paranormal Investigation, Reiki,  Health Intuitive, Animal Communication, Psychics, Mediums, and Spirit Art. For information or questions about any of these Specialties email me


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