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Intention Bundles

Sage, Palo Santo, Key

Sage for removing unwanted energy, palo santo for keeping positive energy and a key for unlocking potential or locking away what you do not need.

Place the bundle where you will see it, can touch it and smell the fragrance every day. A pretty dish, or an abalone shell is a creative way to display the bundle. A candle next to it is another way to draw your attention to the bundle every day. 

The bundle will act as a reminder to keep your mind and heart filled with positive thoughts and actions, your words and deeds helpful and kind. 

If your Intention bundle is in a dish or shell, writing your intention or your plan of action for the day, week or month and placing the paper under the dish is another reinforcement to help mainfest Intentions. 

Remember  your intentions require action from you. 

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