What is an Evidential Medium


What is an Evidential Medium?

What is an Evidential Medium? Who is an Evidential Medium? What does Evidential mean? 

Good Questions. First the definition of evidence should be given. Here is the definition per https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/evidence 

"something that furnishes proof".

In the Metaphysical community an Evidential Medium is someone who can provide proof. A caveat is needed. Proof is the process of establishing the validity of a statement. (Merriam Webster again)

An Evidential Medium is someone who can provide information or a message that furnishes proof of a connection to the Energy of a Soul. 

During a Reading an Evidential Medium will most likely provide some generalities about the Soul. Examples are a female energy, feels older like a grandmother, and perhaps a few more non specifics. Once the sitter acknowledges or validates the awareness of who the Energy of the Soul is, more in depth information and a specific message should be given by the Evidential Medium.

The Evidential Medium will provide details about the life of the Energy of the Soul. Specifics can include details about a home or place where the Soul lived. Details about how the Soul passed, always given with comfort. Family connections. Or even an heirloom YOU may possess. The Evidential Medium can interpret information given and convey it via The Art of the Conversation so that YOU the sitter will have no doubt about who is connecting and communicating. 

You, the sitter, should ask questions and for clarification if something does not make sense. The Evidential Medium is interpreting the information so if something is nonsensical ask the Medium to get and give more information. Do not feel as though YOU need to give details and specifics to have the Reading make sense. 

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