Psychic Vocabulary and Definitions


  1. Intuition - the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.Psychic
  2. Medium - a person trained and practiced to understand and provide communication between the living and those who are in Spirit.
  3. Psychic - a person trained and practiced to discern energy information
  4. Focus - an act of concentrating interest 
  5. Practice - the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method
  6. Development - a specified state of growth or advancement
  7. Intention - making a decision and then taking action
  8. Akashic Records -concept for an astral memory of all events, thoughts, and emotions
  9. Meditation - the act of focusing one's mind for a period of time
  10. Mind's eye or Third Eye - the “eye of insight” located in the forehead
  11. Divination - the practice of seeking knowledge of the unknown 
  12. Sitter - a person who requests a reading
  13. Reading - an interpretation of the Energies of the Soul and Universe
  14. Soul - the (spiritual) energy of a human being or animal
  15. Energy/Energies - Spirit, Soul, memory of all events, thoughts, and emotions
  16. Trust - the firm ability to believe 

  • The vocabulary on this page are words that I use on a regular basis during Readings or when explaining what it is I do. The definitions are my personal understanding of those words. 
  • There exists many, many other words connected to the metaphysical. I may use them occasionally but not often enough to include them here. If you are curious about other words please use "Google", a dictionary or another form of learning to discover a meaning that resonates with YOU.
  • Adding vocabulary to this page is a possiblity, so check back once in a while to find out what has been added. Or you can send me a message to request an addition.